Poster boards

Each presenter will be provided with a single display board measuring 3 x 7 feet; posters should be no wider than 36 inches, with A0 paper size recommended. Each board will be numbered on the upper left corner. Please make sure that your poster is placed on the board number that appears in the final program.

You will need to supply your own pushpins or velcro to mount your poster.

Content and layout

Presenters should use a sans serif fond, such as arial or Helvetica, in a minimum size of 4pt. (1/4 inch high). Titles should be at least 3/4 to 1 inch high (72 pt. bold), and indicate the names of authors and their affiliations. Text, figures, and photographs should be readable from a distance of 4 ft. Poster panels should follow a logical order from the top left to lower right of the board. 


Poster authors are encouraged to provide handouts for conferencees (e.g. preprints, extended abstracts, and copies of poster panels). No salable items may be displayed.